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Which themes does Curt address in his keynote speeches?

  • Curt can present on a wide variety of Excel-related topics, such as PivotTables and business intelligence analysis and data presentation. Just tell him what you need.

  • In his Improspectives® presentation, Curt shows you how to apply the secrets of improv comedy professionals to business and life. Your audience will take home valuable skills and have a blast learning them.

"Curt is a great presenter with information that appeals to all levels of the group. His ability to motivate and inspire a group is highly recommended."

--Linda Ludwick, President, Health Care Administrators Association

Why should you hire Curt Frye to present the keynote address at your conference?

  • Curt’s background in technology and industry enables him to focus on your audience's needs.

  • Curt's experience as a teambuilding workshop leader enables him to enhance your group's effectiveness. Curt's exercises enhance your teammates' creativity and playfulness without putting anyone on the spot.

  • Curt encourages interaction during his presentations, which ensures that your audience remembers his message.

Audiences Addressed

Improspectives®. Oregon Telecommunications Assn. September 29, 2011. Newport, OR.

“Why Excel is the Only BI Presentation Software You Really Need.” DataWatch User Conference ’08. May 6, 2008. Phoenix, AZ.

CITE: Cultivating Individuals, Teams, and Enterprises. Health Care Administrators Assn. 2007 TPA University, July 12, 2007. Seattle, WA.

Numerous teambuilding workshops for clients including the Health Care Administrators Assn., Intel, and Mentor Graphics

"Shop-Bots: Should You Like Them?" and "Scoring Internet Transactions". Web Commerce 2000/Las Vegas; May 15-16, 2000. Grand Hyatt Lake Las Vegas Resort; Las Vegas, NV.

"Comparing US and Japanese Technology Development Strategies", presented at EURO XII/TIMS XXI Joint Conference on Operational Research and Management Science. Helsinki University of Technology (Espoo, Finland). June 30, 1992.